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What Hatzolah Does

Hatzolah, Hebrew for rescue, is one of the largest U.S. volunteer ambulance services.
Hatzolah’s two-tiered response strategy, using first responders and ambulances, means that fully equipped and trained emergency care providers are at the scene within two to four minutes of each call.

Hatzolah of Sea Gate responds to emergencies in Sea Gate and the Greater Coney Island area.


Our volunteer team today is comprised of 13 emergency medical technicians and 2 paramedics as well as nurses and physicians who respond within two minutes to the hundreds of calls that we get annually. Since our inception, the local chapter of Hatzolah of Sea Gate has responded to thousands of calls and is directly responsible for

saving a great many lives.

Hatzalah is supported by its local community and donors like you.

What Hatzolah Does

About Sea Gate Hatzolah

Sea Gate Hatzolah was founded in the early 1980's after a member of the community passed away from a sudden cardiac arrest in the street. Community visionaries, such as Reb Yoel Harfenes, Yonason Greenzweig, and Chezkel Frenkel, took upon themselves to create the first local chapter of Hatzolah. The organization started out as a handful of local community members responding to local calls. Baruch Hashem, over the last 35+ years, our organization has grown tremendously. Hatzolah of Sea Gate currently responds to ~1,500 calls annually, covering Sea Gate and the surrounding Coney Island areas. 

Hatzolah of Sea Gate consists of 1 fully equipped NYS certified ambulance, 13 EMT's, 2 paramedics, nurses and physicians.  



Reb Yoel Harfenes

Founder & Treasurer

Reb Yoel Harfenes


Moti Davis


Anshy Kremer


Pinny Dembitzer

Past Coordinator

Pinny Dembitzer - SG6

Moti Lederman - SG8

Yoel Harfenes - SG9

Chaim Brikman - SG10

Gingy Markowitz - SG11

Avrumi Waldman - SG12

Anshy Kremer - SG13

Nachmi Friedman - SG17

Moti Davis - SG18

Avrumi Krausz - SG19

David Farkas - SG22

Moshe Zev Schachter - SG24

Meilich Rubin - SG25

Pinny Marozov - SG144

Yoeli Wertzberger - SG145

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